The Restocking Facility in Warlity Wielkie was built in 1980 and until 1994 belonged to the state-owned Olsztyn Fishing Farm (Państwowe Gospodarstwo Rybackie Olsztyn). In 1994, as a result of a spin-off and leasing, a new fishing farm was created – Gospodarstwo Rybackie Ostróda sp. z o.o. – GRO Fishing Farm. The leased area is composed of 6,000ha of lakes and a pond restocking facility of 108ha and a fish hatchery with which we are able to produce larger quantities of hatching material. The recipients are from across the country , we also export to Lithuania. In 2015 , we sent 500 000 carp hatch to Georgia.
As 60% of the lakes we lease host vendace, we focused on this species. After intensifying the hatching and increasing the quantities of summer fry of vendace, we obtained noticeable results in the form of greater catches of this species. Bigger vendace stock is based on its developing hatch area in SzelągWielkiLake, where we catch 70% of vendace catches in our entire fishing farm.
Having restocked the lakes with zander, we increased the stocks of this species in lakes, where environmental conditions had generally deteriorated, but are convenient for species like zander. Intense and systematic restocking of zander resulted in bigger catches of this fish.

Apart from vendace and zander, another fish that very quickly gives bigger catches after restocking is pike. 3-4 years after successful restocking, catches of this species increase. Having this in mind, we are intensely restocking pike in the lakes to increase farm catches, make fishing more attractive to anglers and make the pike eat up less valuable and hardly sellable fish species, and, by the way, reduce the biomass surplus in the lakes.

The value of restocking performed so far exceeds 30% of the value of caught fish. The species that we prefer include: vendace, pike, zander, and carp. We produce these fish species using our hatchery and ponds in Warlity Wielkie. We are those of the few fishing water users in this part of
Poland that mastered the artificial spawning and incubation of pike spawn (80% of hatches from the obtained spawn). This allows us to restock the lakes with pike without being limited by surpluses of small roach, bream and silver bream as in other lakes. Intense pike restocking led to increased catches – both as part of farm fishing and angling.
For anglers the proof that the lakes have more and more pike is constituted by numerous nationwide spinning contests and a growing number of spinning fishing permits bought by outsider anglers. As a result of cooperation with local angers’ organizations we selected several lakes in the vicinity of Ostróda that we intensely restock for angling purposes. We restock these lakes with carp, pike, zander and perch.